Arizona Clearance Mattress does NOT honor their warranty!!!

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On March 27th, 2010 I purchased a deluxe plush classic mattress and a classic collection foundation from Arizona Clearance at 4028 E. Broadway Rd. Suite 603 Phoenix, AZ 85040 for $758.01.

This Mattress was delivered to my home in Arizona City which is about 50 miles from their warehouse, by pick up truck. This was the first indicator to me that I was not dealing with a legitimate business. I had wondered how there could not be damage done to the mattress slumped over and nearly folded in half inside of a pick up truck. Regardless, I accepted the bed and set it up myself because it was merely dropped off at my door step... and I paid $50 for this delivery as you can see in the receipt!

The first night on the bed we knew something was wrong. We could hear and feel loud popping noises coming from the springs. The bed has never stopping making these noises and not only is it completely malformed, but the springs are sticking up out of the foundation into the mattress.

Since the purchase I have called several times only to be cut off immediately. I called immediately the day of the purchase as the bed was being delivered expressing my concerns only to be told that everything will be fine and to remember I have a 10 year warranty... per "Chad" my sales rep. Then on December 10th, I decided to call and try and take advantage of the warranty because the bed's condition had deteriorated to the point of not being able to sleep on it anymore due to the extreme discomfort and loud popping noises the mattress was making all throughout the night. This time I was told to send a letter describing my problem along with photo copies of my receipt and the tags on the mattress itself to their address and put on there "WARRANTY DEPARTMENT" and that in 2 weeks and IBC rep would show up at my house to inspect the bed and go from there. I did this and got no response what so ever. Then I called again on July 10th, same story, again sent in the letter. When I tried explaining to the guy on the phone that I had already gone through this he kept cutting me off rudely and giving me the same instructions over and over again no matter what I said!

My husband and I have been sleeping on our sofa and loveseat for almost a year now, the box springs also have springs popped out and sticking into the bottom of the mattress itself, the shape of the bed has changed completely, instead of being square the sides are bowed out and it is more uncomfortable than the bed we had for 7 years prior to this was! I would never purchase a mattress from here ever again! My husband has a spine injury and for us to spend this much money on a bed only to have it sit and have him sleep on the couch is just ridiculous!

I have filed a complaint with both the BBB and and they refuse to answer these complaints or acknowledge me in any way. I also contacted International Bedding and they also refuse to help me.

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